Why Free Software Is Important

Giant software corporations, some with a greater asset base than small nations, are trying harder than ever to control the software you use. believes in the initiatives set forth by the Free Software Foundation and is proud to assist in this cause through the distribution of free software.

But we're picky. Real picky. We only distribute free software that we have tested and use ourselves. We feel it is vital that free software also must be excellent software, otherwise the entire initiative will be undermined. During your installation of any software found on our directory, our installation manager, Air Installer, will give you the option of also downloading and installing 3rd party programs which helps to support the costs involved with running, maintaining and advertising our website.

Modified Installer is distributing custom installers which are different from the original distribution. This new installer, Air Installer, complies with the original software manufacturers' policies and terms. In addition to managing your installation, Air Installer will offer you free popular software that you may be interested in. You are not required to install any additional software to complete the installation of your selected software from Also, you can always completely remove any software at any time by using the Add/Remove Programs utility in your operating system. Click here to learn more.